The Art of Betrayal : Review

by glenmore on 20th October 2010

Irecently appeared on Epilogue on PressTV along with Annie Machon, the former MI5 officer, to discuss the book: The Art of Betrayal, written by Gordon Corera.The Art of Betrayal tells the story of how the Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) has changed since the end of World War II and by focusing on the people and the relationships that lie at the heart of espionage, revealing the danger, the drama, the intrigue, the moral ambiguities and the occasional comedy that comes with working for British intelligence.

From the defining period of the early Cold War through to the modern day, MI6 has undergone a dramatic transformation from a gung-ho, amateurish organization to its modern, no less controversial, incarnation.

Gordon Corera reveals the triumphs and disasters along the way. The grand dramas of the Cold War and after – the rise and fall of the Berlin Wall, the Cuban Missile Crisis, the 11 September 2001 attacks and the Iraq war – are the backdrop for the human stories of the individual spies whose stories from the centerpiece of the narrative.

It’s a real page turner of a read and you can watch discussion of the book here.

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